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About Christa


I have been a professional photographer for over 8 years.  I have a bachelor’s degree in visual communications, and started my career at a small corporate photography studio.  In 2012 opened my own business and also started doing graphic design work along with photography.  My mission as an artist is for everyone I work with to find meaning and celebration of their life in the work I create for them.

Belle Plaine, Minnesota is my home base.  I choose to work with my clients on location because I enjoy being able to travel all over the Twin Cities and Minnesota for events and shoots.  I am more than happy to travel all over the United States too!

Each year my business takes on a variety of clients for portraits, commercial projects and graphic design.  Wedding photography is my specialty and takes up about 50% of my bookings.

The very first wedding I photographed was with one film camera, and one digital camera.  I decided to transition from film to digital while I was in college.  Being a photographer full time is something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager.  When I work I put my whole heart into my business and my clients.

Portrait By Amanda (


I’m a bit of a science nerd, and the geologic history of the Minnesota River Valley where I live fascinates me.  I’m in love with hiking around the area, the woods, the farms, the prairie, and the beautiful trails along the river.

My bucket list includes a lot of travel.  One goal I have is to go to Hawaii, spend time photographing weddings, and exploring the amazing volcanos.

My favorite color is blue, which also describes my personality well.  People describe me as a very calm, down to earth person who is  easy to work with and fun.

I am married to an amazing man who plays bass in a metal band, collects video games (seriously we could open a museum…) and loves to take me and our daughter on little day trips to explore our corner of Minnesota.  When we really want to explore we will set out on a road trip, often driving through multiple states, discovering new favorite spots at National Parks or wildlife refuges.  Our family shares a passion for recycling, reusing, and living simply.  We have two cats, who are really our furry children, and love to dog sit for friends and family when they go out of town.   We are constantly antiquing, thrifting and dreaming up our next family DIY project.

Contact Information
Mobile: (612) 965-1591

I am located in Belle Plaine and shoot on location through out Minnesota and the United States. Please contact me for my mailing address.