Meet Christa
  • Meet Christa

  • Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m a Twin Cities wedding photographer who enjoys celebrating every moment of this awesome beautiful journey we call life. A little bit about me beyond photography:

    My favorite word is awesome. I say it all the time! I love reading, bonfires, bbqs, road trips, and science, especially geology.

    Family is everything two me. My two cats are furry children. My daughter plays the french horn, I play the violin, and my husband plays bass in a metal band. We love recycling, reusing, thrifting and living simply as a family.

    My favorite healthy junk food is tacos. I know a dozen ways to make tacos.

    My favorite wedding moment is the first kiss. Always romantic, and seriously anything can happen in that moment at the end of the ceremony. High fives, laughter, total celebration!

  • Mission

  • My mission as an artist is for everyone I work with to find meaning and celebration in their life through the work I create for them.

    My clients often describe their photography as romantic, candid, natural and fun.

    Photography has been my full time career since 2008. After I earned my Bachelor's in Visual Communications I started out as a photographer employee at a private studio, and opened my own business in 2012.

    I take pride in serving my clients. From our first email to the the completion of your print order, I will ask lots of questions to get to know you. I book a limited amount of portraits during the week, and only one wedding per weekend. I like to be flexible with my schedule so I can be focused on each client as I work with them. My business is my only employment and I give it my all every day.

  • Location

  • I am based in Belle Plaine, MN, and travel through out Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, and the United States.

    All Engagements and Portraits are done on location. This location can be your own home, another place that has personal meaning to you, or a new spot that we discover together while we're planning.

    To Book Call: 612.965.1591


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