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Earlier this year I had the privileged if shooting images for Kate’s brand new business!  Gut Instincts by Kate.

Here is what Kate wants you to know about her new business:

“My health coaching business revolves around digestive health because that’s at the core of good health. I’ve witnessed and experienced unexpected health improvements simply by making dietary changes. What you eat may be moments of satisfaction to your taste buds, but when the macro and micro-nutrients are digested they become our blood which feeds and creates cells and tissue that eventually influence our thoughts and feelings. Together, my clients and I examine what foods work best for them. But we also look at what I call primary foods, the things that feed one’s soul. Relationships, self-care, career, spirituality and physical activity. I’m working on a byline to go with my logo (a friend is designing) and this seems to cover it best: Get Support.  Get Inspired.  Get Well. ”

Kate’s website is:  http://www.GutInstinctsByKate.com

You can reach her by email here:  Kate@GutInstinctsByKate.com
Special thanks to Kate’s friend Gina (pictured at the bottom) for not only helping Kate with her wardrobe and hair, but helping style the food as well.  🙂  Go to Kate’s website and check it out!

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