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Victoria, MN Photographer | Capturing Moments




Life is unpredictable.  One moment this week I was sitting in my office, taking phone calls in between editing this set of images.  The next I was rushing to the emergency room after receiving a phone call that my father had been admitted for a possible heart attack.  He is at home resting now, the culprit of his pain and sickness actually a very, very bad virus.

Now I look at these images and realize they are the perfect description of how fast life changes.  They are a reminder to hold on to memories and photographs, to fully enjoy experiences, to create a life that will allow you to keep close what matters most to you.  They are a reminder of why  I do what I do.  I am here to capture moments, communicate visually and show my clients that their life is unique, utterly amazing, and worth celebrating.

Contact Information
Mobile: (612) 965-1591

I am located in Belle Plaine and shoot on location through out Minnesota and the United States. Please contact me for my mailing address.