Meet Christa


Hi there!  Thank you for finding my website!  The most important thing to know about me: I am a person who wants to spread joy through my business and inspire people.

When I’m not behind the camera  I like to hike the Minnesota River Valley.  I love to read and learn. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.  I practice yoga.  I play cribbage with friends.  I help my daughter with homework. (Thank goodness I was a math tutor in college!)  I have adventures with my husband who is my biggest supporter, an awesome postal carrier and talented musician.

I use the word awesome way too much, and that’s okay!


My home base is Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  I travel all over for weddings & portraits in the Twin Cities area, Stillwater, St. Cloud, Duluth.  Pretty much anywhere there are fun people who want awesome pictures.  I enjoy the adventure of experiencing new places!  Most clients choose me for my expertise at creating amazing photography in unique locations.

If you’d like to connect, you can send a message at the bottom of this page, or call me directly at 612-965-1591.


sunflowers and roses yellow and red wedding bouquet

I value one-on-one time with my clients. I am most proud of what happens beyond the shoot.  The relationship I build with you.  The long term impact my work makes on your life.  My mission is to give you a personalized, stress free photography experience. 

The journey to owning my business started back in the days of film when I took a job as a portrait photographer and lab tech at a commercial portrait studio.  After that I went back to college for visual communications, switched to digital gear, spent tons of time working for other photographers, and finally opened my own business.  Here I am today, having spent over a decade of learning, working and creating photography for others.