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I was getting married, and I couldn’t find myself.

I couldn’t find myself in wedding magazines.  I couldn’t find myself in the windows of wedding dress stores.  I couldn’t find myself in any of the pictures from wedding venue brochures.  My husband to be didn’t really want to plan, because he felt the same way.

What do you do when you’re planning your unique wedding?

When we got married online wedding planning wasn’t a thing yet, so there’s that.  (Bonus points if you can guess my age.)  I recently attempted to start planning a vow renewal for us, and made a little Pinterest board for my dream wedding vow renewal.  I had a HECK of a time finding things that felt like me and my husband.  I have 11 pins!  It’s prime engagement season right now.  We’re all pinning like crazy.  I should be drowning in inspiration.  Right?  Maybe not.

I realized that the inspiration for our vow renewal needed to come from me, and from my husband, not from a website.  We needed to create our own vision.

I started to think while I was pinning things.  Maybe I need to be less picky?  Maybe the dress I’m looking for doesn’t exist?  Maybe I need to give up on these ideas I have?  I’m really critical sometimes.  An awesome trait to have as a photographer, not so much when planning my own vow renewal.  It’s easy to get this way when you’re surrounded by other people’s wedding pictures all the time.  I had to let o g of those other weddings, and all that Pinterest stuff.

Your wedding is YOURS, together as a couple.  Celebrate that.

Don’t give up on your wedding vision because it feels impossible.  Don’t give up because you feel under represented in all the “usual” wedding planning media.  There comes a point when you need to take a deep breath, look at all your wedding dreams, and find the things that give you joy.  If you don’t feel joy toss it out.  This includes the million social media accounts you started following because you though you should.  Pinterest boards full of things that seemed exciting but don’t quite feel like “you” anymore.  Toss it all away.

I’m a wedding photographer, and I LOVE my job.  I am committed to celebrating every wedding I photograph as a unique day between two unique people.  I celebrate with my couples; all the things they do to create a wedding that is truly theirs.   My hope every time I work with a couple is they are able to look back at their photographs and see themselves as they truly are.  Happy, in love, unique and beautiful people celebrating the day their relationship bloomed into marriage.

planning your unique wedding have donuts instead of cake

(This presentation of donuts and roses is beautiful, unique and fun.  Follow your own path to planning your unique wedding.  It will turn out awesome!)


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I’m a Southern Minnesota wedding photographer.  My home base is south of Shakopee in Belle Plaine, but I travel all over for wedding photography.  If you like what you see in my portfolio, we should chat about your wedding plans.

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