What To Wear For Engagement Photos

What to wear for engagement photos doesn’t need to be complicated.   Follow these tips, and be true to your own unique style.

Comfort rules.

Whatever you wear, be comfortable.   Make sure you can move, sit and walk freely in your clothing and shoes.  This way you can focus your energy on interacting with your partner at the shoot instead of constantly adjusting your outfit.

a couple draws a heart in the sand for their engagement pictures

Brent and Felicia dressed in layers for their fall pictures. They wore jeans to be comfortable and prepared for time getting dirty in the mud or spent playing in the sand next to the Minnesota River.

Plan for Minnesota’s crazy weather.

If your love of nature calls for engagement pictures outside, dress in layers.   Minnesota has some of the most beautiful, unique weather ever!  Which means that you should bring a coat or sweater in fall, winter and spring just in case you need it.  In summer choose light weight fabrics and plan to sweat a little.  Put on bug spray to protect yourself from bites.  I bring both with me.

Coordinate colors.

To create the best visual harmony in your engagement portraits choose one color family to go with- all pastel, or all jewel tone, or all primary colors.  If you have a favorite color wear multiple shades of it instead of  the exact same shade.

engaged couple in a field wearing flannels kissing

Coordinating colors for a spring engagement shoot. Mike and Thea picks a mix of blue and grey plaid patterns that fit their casual style.

Make it a date night.

I’m a strong believer that your time together is precious.  When you have portraits, I want you to enjoy yourselves and that time together. When thinking about what to wear for engagement photos, decide on what activities you will be doing, and then how you like to dress for those activities.

a couple rides the sky glider for their state fair engagement shoot.

A fun date night for Mackenzie and Cody included riding the Sky Glider at the Minnesota State Fair.

Rings and jewelry.

Let your ring be the focal point of your jewelry.  Add pieces that harmonize with the ring, and don’t compete for attention.

a couple holds hands and shows off their wedding rings at a 1 year anniversary shoot

A classic styled photo one year anniversary shoot. With no other watches or jewelry the focus of the shot can be on those incredible rings.

Other considerations when planning engagement photos:

Should you bring the kids? Do what works best for you.

Parents can choose to have alone time at their engagement shoot.  Just the two of you, a definite date night.  Some couples will bring their children and celebrate their engagement as a family milestone.  I’m cool with the choice that fits your family dynamic best, and when in doubt I can help you decide.

Should You Bring Pets?

If you enjoy having pictures with your pet please bring them.   Dogs, cats, snakes, birds, etc. It’s all good.  Sometimes I think it would be really cool to find a couple who has a tarantula and wants it in their engagement pics, so if you’re out there reading this, maybe call me!?

When in doubt consult your photographer.

I want couples to be free to express their own style during engagement portraits.  You can text me pictures, I can help you raid your closet.  If you can tell me your style (casual, hipster, elegant, hippie, etc) I can suggest outfits choices that will look great and fit your personalities.  I can give you my opinion on all your choices and show you more examples from what past couples have done.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas for what to wear for engagement photos.  If you’d like to book an engagement shoot let’s talk about your style and plan something special for you.

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